Gingko Leaf Pendants

Found pile of ginkgo leaves from Greta’s walk.

The Gingko Tree symbolizes longevity and profound endurance { 4 Gingkos survived the bombing of Hiroshima and are still growing today! } Years ago, I had a Gingko tree growing in my yard and I learned that they were one of the original trees on the planet, which amazed me.This tree also is an urban gem, tolerating heat, confined spaces and air pollution. In fall, the leaves turn a lovely golden hue. Each leaf is a fan shape with a scalloped edge, and naturally, each leaf has a unique outline of its own. The patterns of gingko leaves remind me of art deco and Asian prints, delicate and beautiful.
     My Gingko pendants are collected where they fall,along the Minnihaha creek pathway where I walk each day with my dogs. I've always enjoyed the inspiration of walking on tree lined paths, and collecting a few leaves was the beginning of my leaf collection. Unlike my original designs that are created from drawings and sculpting, each leaf pendant is that single leaf, made of fine silver metal clay, fired and finished without a patina, bright and lightweight. I'm also selling them as finished necklaces and single Pendants! You can create your own piece with beads or chain of your choice.
    My hope for these pendants is the same of all my jewelry designs, they bring joy, make you feel special and celebrate your individual beauty.

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